Saturday, March 5, 2011

Club Mahindra Review

They are standing everywhere
  • On petrol Pumps
  • In shopping malls
  • On STPI campus gates
  • almost everywhere people go for enjoying weekend.
Thousands of places for marketing and selling their plans which doesn't cost you less than 1.5 lakh.

How many resorts they have to offer ?
Not even 50.

Then why are they making everyone fool?

They have plenty of technical jargon to offer you blue, red, white purple plans, but its all fooling.

What they ultimately charge is you can get anyway at good price when you want to go for tour.
Then why waste time in booking system which never works.

You keep booking and they tell you all is booked please book 6 months in advance.

They have fooled thousands of people and paid salaries to their staff and constructed hotels in remote locations at cheap rates.

Never, Never, Never get in any plans of CLUB MAHINDRA.


  1. Dear Mr. DeepJava,

    We understand you have some concerns regarding the Club Mahindra membership. We would like to look into these concerns.

    For this, we would require your contact/membership details. Please send the same to

    With regards
    Member Relations
    Mahindra Holidays

    1. Yeah,I have concerns too...when the hell are you going to list all the details of all your plans on your ,purple white etc???
      Do you have the guts?
      Dont talk here...act...if you have the guts.I challenge you.

    2. Mr.Saurabh,please list your telephone number also if you have the guts.

    3. Hi all members,
      Contact to join members association to fight our rights unitedly. We are hundreds to file case for compensation

  2. No body responded on this mail id.
    I don't know what to say

  3. Thanks deepjava. All that what you had said was correct and that the details were very much accurate.

    These club mahindra has done the same with my cousin brother who came to india for a holiday and that when he started to enquire for Kulu-Manali, he was given the reply that everything is booked.


    1. Is it true, they have no regrets to remit money to people.

  5. Club mahindra in that pretext has always acquired a bad name. Its very rightly presented and its kind of amazing that deepjava has so courageously spilled the beans of the cheats on the net.
    I hope people by reading this would precisely never fall in the DEATH pit...of Club Mahindra

  6. Well I'm in the same views of Deepjaya. You never get a booking when required & people can't book for 6 months in advance. Also let me help you calculate the finances & you will be surprised to see that club mahindra is a very expensive option. They charge 3.5L as the initial amount plus they charge 11k annually for maintenance. So how much you pay..
    Putting 3.5L @ 10% interest you will get 35k as interest + 11k as annual charge for 7 night = 46k / 7 = 6.5k / night roughly. apart from this you get 25 years membership i.e 3.5L / 25 yrs = 14k annual depreciation. SO summing it up you pay 60k for 7 night that too in off season without food.
    Some Good 5* properties don't charge that much in season time forget off season time.

    Please comment.

    1. Beautifully put. Totally agree with the comments and calculations. All these club membership schemes are totally fraud.

    2. super super..just what I told the guy who came to scam me of my money.
      actually,you should call them over and waste their time and travelling expenses.Thats the only way you can get more out of them rather than them out of you.

    3. I am a member and I hope i and got such calculation before... and did not become a member....

      Actually you can visit club mahindra resorts even if you are not a member...

      i have wasted my money...

  7. Deep Jaya,all I will say that people taking such memberships are themselves to be blamed for as while joining they do not calculate the whole logistics and fall to the ploy of such companies and thereafter when it doesn't work, blame the concerned company.Nobody can force anyone to join whether Club Mahindra people or any other companies dealing in anything.We have a mind of our own to apply before taking any wrong decisions.

    However accept my sympathies for the problem that you had to face and hope this will turnout to be an eye opener for you which will help you in future to take the right decisions in life.Take care and God bless.

    1. people are honest by default .. but the sales persons hired by club mahindra are trained professionally to fool you...

      not all expect to be taken for a ride by a reputed company like mahindra but that's a fact....

  8. If you r willing to go for a holiday you may book in advance you will get the availability.See am also enjoying my holidays in both of this mahindra resorts.Without planning anything how can u book the resort... See you guys just taken the membership not owned the resort. So We have to plan and go.Like us most of the people will suffer for the less avalibility if we planned to go for a holiday we may book in advance.Just you may take this as advice otherwise... Bcoz we are also taken the membership so we want to adjust & Balance ourself.So we cant blame the company yaar.. So Enjoy your life without tension....:-)

  9. I agree to this. Club Mahindra is SCAM.
    They call everyone and say your number is shortlisted in lucky draw and you are a privilege number. You have won a free gift and they call us at their office and give lecture for an hour and then they give free gift which is hardly worth not more rs. 200. Further they insists that you purchase atleast one plan.

  10. true .. club mahindra, country vacations, any such time share is a scam only to fool gullible public

  11. i have bed experience with clubmahindra, never never never purchase this membership,

    clubmahindra have 30 resorts and 1 Lac members,

    if one member want one week in one year, clubmahindra have 1560 weeks in one year

    simple calculation

    30 * 52 week = 1560 week, how can they manage 1 Lac members,
    100000 / 1560 = 64
    if you live after 64 year,
    you will get your number in their resort
    membership period 25 years
    what a calculation
    why clubmahindra making new members now(2011)

    1. Hi Arjun,
      I agree with the comments about members not getting bookings as per their plans with Club Mahindra, but I do not agree with your calculation. The formula does not consider the rooms / resort. Even if you consider 20 rooms / resort, your wait period comes down to 3 years (not that I'm recommending this, but just that there is some hope for the 1 lac+ members who are already trapped)

  12. I am also facing the same problem these guys cheats .i would have been more happy if i hadnot bought this membership.

  13. Dear guys, I am member with club Mahindra since 2002 and I paid 1.5 lac for a peak red season membership. I use every year and I feel now I have recovered entire amount and my next 18 Yeats I have to pay only the annual fees. During may I book on advance and if I don't travel I cancel 15 days before where u don't loose anything. This is how we take it. I have not seen a single complaint in any reviews about the quality of resorts. And in India we don't have good accommodations in holiday destinations. Any ways I am a happy customer and all my family and relatives enjoyed a lot. As this membership is coming from M & M brand I feel they come out soon

  14. hi not even club mahindra its total M&M group works like that. we are event planners we had done event for tech mahindra and they took our services s on the day of the event thay booked us and they dont have the courtesy to tell and did not paid us the pending bill payment of rs 18k

  15. Hi all thank you very much for your feedback about club Mahindra please do post such kind of feedback which will guide people like me I have very bad experience with sales representative but after all his efforts I haven't bought the membership and I am very happy now. Their sales strategy is very embarrassing they were questioning on my financial ability when I refused to buy membership it was very embarrassing to me. I have worked with Mahindra group in Mahindra engineering it was really good experience to work with them. But club Mahindra management must be very different I will never ever go with them. Club Mahindra is spoiling Mahindra name.

  16. The amount you spend to joint any club, either mahindra or country and pay for "maintenance" - which is aprox 30k minimum per year which includes interest rate also, you can book hotel in middle of the happening places of the location with food.

    Resorts are so far that you have to use resort's food which is costlier then best food joint of that location!

    You must have your own vehical! So in total you will spend 30k + 14k for food + 10k for vehical = 54k for 7 days!

    Please use your brain and internet to find best available packages - it will cost you lesser then this for sure!

    And yes, never fill any form of Country Vacation @ malls, petrol pumps or any other places - they will call with your spouse, force you to take membership for one hour (you can not leave without completing one hour!) and if you will refuse to take memebrship, will insult you infront of your spouse and other 100 people!

    This is my personal exp and I had a big fight with that supervisor.


  17. The problem in India is Sales people are not trained properly hence the wrong products are sold and it becomes a problem. From insurance to holiday schemes same problem in India.

    So as a customer you need to be careful and ask
    them lot of questions before you make any payment.

  18. It never worked for me.
    Their resorts are too much far or inside territories. I can't think of any family trip without spending another 50k apart from what I've already paid to CM. My family has health concern while travelling long distance by car/bus. They are fine with train and flight long distances. So all the options are useless. There are season restrictions, availability restrictions, distance restrictions.
    CM membership is Totally useless.
    You go to websites for booking movie ticket, you see the number of seats for the show and you choose the seat online by paying little premium. Once booked you just go and watch the show on the booked seat in the Movie theater.
    Unfortunately Club Mahindra is not about same experience. Actually Club Mahindra gives you a horse racing ticket, where there is gamble of availability even after payment for membership. whoever books first gets the resorts. Another unfortunate part your horse is running with taller and stronger horses what club mahindra calls as white and purple season.
    If you wish to enjoy assured vacation go to makemytrip, yaatra etc.. If you like to gamble with your vacation plans, you must go to Club Mahindra.

  19. Read my experience here.

  20. I am member of club mahindra and i am also facing same problem. Even before 6 month they say their are no vacancy. They are prompt in charging annual maintainance. Whenever you apply for holiday they recommends you another destination. When we ask for same destination they say that it would be possible before 15 days if any vacancy would be their if some reservation is cancelled. Its like getting a ticket in "TATKAL". I have wasted my three years holidays due to this reason only. They keeps people who only speaks English and tries to make fool. Their call center have only few recorded message "No VACANCY".I will recommended never to get membership at club mahindra.

  21. club mahindra not only making foolish but also looting the member with false promises by sales man

  22. Dear Members, I have also joined Mahindra club membership in Sept. 11 but now feel sorry with reading the reviews. Seems I have done the mistake. I have already paid approx. 70K. Can you recommend me whether I shall cancel my membership?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Enjoy the ride mate, along with all the tension, frustration that such memberships come with - for free !
      If sense has prevailed in you, please try and cancel your membership asap. If you cannot, just try to utilize whatever week you can get in this year and then forgo the amount.

  23. Try Selling your membership here, there are few satisfied people. They will definitely buy from here rather than paying premium to Club Mahindra.

  24. i agree with most here that it is very tough to get a booking in any Club M resort, unless you plan out 6 months in advance.
    I have seen even than it is difficult, the web site has availability check option, it says it is available, bu the time you call up, it the customer care people says resort booked!!!
    And if someone says plan in advance, 6 months advace??
    The problem is they might have too many members (and adding more as time passes) without any matching increase in capacity!!!


  25. Dear Mr. Deepjava,

    We are concerned about your feedback.

    May we once again urge you to write in to us at along with your contact details.

    We would be happy to speak with you and address your concerns.


    Gopal VN
    Member Relations
    Mahindra Holidays

    PARESH AHYA-9321545481

  27. Last week,on 19/4/12, I was invited by Mr.Shakir Khan, sales person of Club Mahindra? or commission agent working fr them? as he told me I m 1 of the 50 lucky people on 16th Anniversery of Club Mahindra, offered me to attend45 mnts presentation at Raghuleela Mall, Kandivali-west & importantly nt neccessarily go fr membership!!!!
    There I was attended by Mr.Amit, sales executive of Club Mahindra and showed me the details of various membership plans, which was going beyond my budget, hence refused to go fr membership.
    With great great regret, I would like to bring to the Notice that he didnt offerd anything as promised by his fellow clg Mr.Shakir some free movie tkts, 3500 worth free gift vouchers and discount coupans. When asked he told me that 2 nights holiday voucher vl b despatchd in 3 working days....which is not yet received...why u r bluffing people and spoiling not only "CLUB MAHINDRA" but also Anand Mahindra's goodwill.
    AWAITING CLARIFICATION FROM SR. EXECUTIVE OF 'CLUB MAHINDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. It seems nobody is intrested in attending people's complain at "CLUB MAHINDRA" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Naam bade aur darshan khote !!!!
    Why u cheats the people who trust u ?

    AWAITING RESPONSE !?!?!!!!????

  29. We just got membership today and after reading all these comments literally worried how to get my money back of 30K.
    Pls some one guide !!!!! it will be of great help....

    1. Dear Abhishek,

      As per the clause, if you apply for cancellation of membership within first 10 days of application, you will get full refund. Though it takes 45 working days as per their policy.

      Write an email to citing the reason for cancellation. Hope this will help you.

  30. Try checking some online Club Mahindra Reviews, before you go.The food offered at the resort was good and I enjoyed it very much, though my wife wanted south Indian dishes as well. She is a South Indian and the food available is completely cooked North Indian style. The view from my room was breathtaking and I loved the sight. I clicked many pictures. Check out the pictures uploaded with the Club Mahindra Reviews and you will find many beautiful sights. Binsar Manipur villa should be a must in your travel itinerary.

  31. They are fooling people.Be aware. Don't waste your hard earning money to fuel Mercedes of Club Mahendra's executives.

  32. Thanks so much all of you. Me and my brother had just decided to enrol for a CLub Mahindra membership for both our failies. After reading these comments i have decided not to do so.

    Thanks again, guys!!

  33. I was also planning to join the club mahindra or any other this type of memebership, but after reading all these complaints I have dropped my plans

  34. like mittal said, me too wanted to join club mahindra and thats why i was searching for reviews about club mahindra, but after reading all this scam of the company i dropped my idea.

  35. i am really happy with club mahindra, even i had went for the highest season membership. We always prefer to stay in good hotel after enquiring about the hotels & holiday costs i found club mahindra fees to be worth. i'll recover it in 4-5 yrs time & i am getting best resorts to stay. Even i don't find problem in reservation i got confirmed bookings in their resort even at short notice. According to me the concept of these clubs is giving you hassel free & peaceful vacation & they are doing that. with rci membership which comes along with club mahindra membership at nomial cost i am able to stay in the best hotels worlwide, so for me it's worth it.....

  36. Dr.Munish Pawar 26.11.12
    i am also club mahindra member and in last 3 years i had visited more then 10 resorts of theirs with my family along with parents ......the experience is excellent which cannot be explained in words i am HAPPY

  37. Dear Ajit Kumar,
    Howz that possible ?
    How can you visit 10 resorts in 3 years with Club Mahindra. You get 1 week each year.
    Is that the reason I could never get the booking in last 3 years?

  38. Ignore promoted comments. Just stay away from any such plans.Contact hotels directly,use lots of information available on net and plan tours/holidays your selves. Be your boss even in little discomfort.

  39. I have just made 10% initial payment for white membership, but after reading all the complaints here, i wish to cancel my membership. Can i get full refund of my money, they swiped from my debit card. please suggest urgently, as i made payment yesterday only.

    1. Write to within 10 days.
      You get refund in 45 days.

  40. seems LIke 95% people are having problems with their Membership, I wonder the Rest 5% could probabaly be Club Mahindra Employee's trying to save their Job by posting good comments about Club mahindra

  41. I almost went for the membership and better sense prevailed just in time for me to withdraw. Thank you all for your valuable suggestions.

  42. This is the same lady who fooled me with club mahindra membership. Here is one more victim in consumer complaints.

  43. hi to all, if someone took cub mahindra membership and want to withdraw it be quick do not wait for your membership card to be not listen sales representatives that fooled you once they will try that you do nothing for 10 days for that they will talk very favourable to you.
    immediately write email to about your membership cancellation.also do it in written signed by the members along with payment details copy and a copy of membership form and send it by courier or speed post to local office as well as head office of club mahindra so that it may received with in 10 days you made payment to club mahindra.

    1. hello i got the membership by paying 10% of the amount on 6-may-2014. now i want to cancel the policy after seeing the comments. can anyone help me how to cancel the same and take back my initial 10% money.

  44. every weekend i would like to vist some new places this time i choose to visit this place before i vist i read your blog really thanku your inforamtion helps me a lot act i am very new to that place week i am planning to visit Bandipur Resort

  45. Hi want to know if u withdraw the membership then do they refund your money?? I have not utilized any resort so far. I have taken on installment and almost paid around two-thirds..I tried stopping the payment but of no use as they said that it will be nullified and so started the payment again...please reply .

  46. i have very very bed experience with clubmahindra, never never never never purchase this membership....
    "CLUB MAHINDRA" name is wrong
    its true name is "CHEATER NO. 1"

  47. yes the are the biggest cheaters but thank to all of you and enidhi blog, i am not giving these people a single hard earned penny of mine..

  48. Hello..

    This case is regarding the refund of money paid by me to one of your managers who was at that time posted in Lucknow branch.
    His name is Vishal Anand Singh(email:- who is currently posted in Varanasi as per my information.
    I had deposited a sum of rs 26570/- in his personal saving bank account in the second half of September 2010.
    He had promised me to get a stay at varca resort, Goa in the month of December 2010 and another stay in some foreign country for this amount.
    As he was not able to get me reservation in varca I had asked him to cancel my booking and return my money.
    He requested me at that time to wait for few months and he would adjust that amount with some other vacation in future.
    On his persuasion and keeping in mind our past relationship I agreed at that time and waited for the right moment.
    Now almost after 30 months I have nothing in hand but false promises.
    I mailed him around 15 days back and there was no reply.
    I had called him up 2 days back regarding the refund but he said it will take some time as he has forwarded my request for processing.
    I am very sure that he has not forwarded my request as I did not get any membership id or welcome call from the company which means the money paid by me has never been deposited with the company.
    I am going through an acute financial crunch and I dont want any holiday but my total money back AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
    Due to such employees and such circumstances a reputed company like yours gets a bad name.
    Kindly look into the matter and get my amount refunded.
    I have the emails and deposit slips for the record to go to the consumer court for the redressal of my problem.
    Kindly let's avoid these legalities and resolve the issue amicably.
    Tashish rai singhani.

  49. I got a call from Club Mah and informed that we won a free Gift voucher worth 15000 for 2 nights and 3 days stay in any of their resorts. we need to pay the tax about 1200/- also food will be in our own cost. for getting this voucher we have to attend a presentation in their office. But i clearly informed them that i dont need their membership. and the sales guy said even if i dont opt for the membership i will be gifted the voucher.

    Any one has prior experience with this Gift voucher? is it really worth driving 30KM to avial this voucher?

    1. You will definitely get a voucher after 2 hours of torturous marketing program. Voucher will be valid for 6 months and option of odd resorts with off season booking will be provided. You'll actually end up paying more and invite hell lot of worries in managing everything. Instead whenever you are interested just check the deals on groupon, makemytrip, goibibo or yatra. Book it and just enjoy. Thats is peace of mind and there is transparency what you actually going to spend and enjoy.

  50. How can I get RCI membership without club mahindra membership?

  51. Is it worth ti buy a membership in resale?

    1. Do some math. There is no guarantee of amount which you have to pay for maintenance. Bigger the Plan bigger the yearly maintenance amount. Keep your money in cumulative FD and add this maintenance amount as recurrent FD.
      Imagine the peace you will lose out of your life for racing the horse (Booking the resort). Then you can't go anywhere else but only at listed resorts. Why should you be forced to visit only the places club mahindra wish, for 25 years of life ???
      These places are far from the city, you will hardly know about the place you visited as you will be living in club mahindra jail. For 25 years all you'll spend is money and have the fun you could have at any nearby resort without travelling anywhere.

  52. I agreed to a membership. I paid. However, IMMEDIATELY, ON THE SAME DAY, after payment I regretted inability to pay and requested refund. I refused to 'CLOSE THE CALL'. However, I was given assurance if I permitted to close the call, my refund issue 'will be looked-into'. However after protracted calls and emails I was only offered alternate packages and more alternate options and more free stays. I have refused all. However, after every comunication the sales/marketing people manage to keep the option open ended as if I am the one who is to revert back. The fact as I have told them is I DO NOT WANT THE MENBERSHIP. I am requesting for refund. Silence is all I get.

  53. Once I enquired for a product & later realized that this enquiry was a big mistake
    few days before my wedding we were planning for the honeymoon tour & out of curiosity I dialled CLUB MAHINDRA their person was prompt to call, he fixed an appointment for 8:00PM however, later called & requested to postpone it to 9:00PM I was surprised but agreed since I was a serious prospect with need as well as intention to purchase their product, he again called & postponed to 10:00PM this time I refused but he persisted requesting & offering me a special scheme that was supposed to expire on the mid-night of that day, before we could finalize the appointment he'd arrived at my building & said that "I've reached, climbing upstairs" so I couldn't refuse to meet him, so while whole family was having dinner along with guests, I was sitting listening to his jargon of yellow, purple, Red, etc categories of membership.
    I asked him what's this "Special Offer" he shows me a back dated price-list & said that these offer would've applicable if I didn't book "NOW", I said I need time to think, he refused to allow me that time, saying that the the offer will expire in a few minutes (by than we were almost 11:45PM, while I said I've finished my cheque book he said that give your credit card details & his back office colleagues would debit my card for that amount.
    At last I lost patience & asked him to get lost, I called his senior & fired him too
    Its a holiday package that we buy to spend some happy time with family in leisure time, but CLUB MAHINDRA sells it in such a manner as if its an ambulance service for a "Life & Death situation"
    this way they'll end up having abusive angry prospects, demotivated & short term staff(no one would like to do such jobs)

    1. You are so lucky that you could get rid of them so early.
      Most of us have wasted hard earned money and received nothing :(

  54. I like club mahindra very Much..
    I take an appointment with them and Take free movie tickets and 2 nite holiday from them.And this is not enough I even get to waste their 1-2 hours.
    YEs you read right. I waste their time. I enjoy rejecting their scheme clearly on their face and telling them how fool they are making of us. I like to Irritate the guy giving me lectures. I make calls every 5 minutes when he gives lectures.
    I like the frustration on his face :) :) then at the end I say him clearly very clearly - Go to hell. your scheme is bogus now give me my coupons nd gift ... Guys isn;t it fun. You should try this too.

  55. Sub: Cancel my Club Membership and refund my money paid

    Dear Sir

    I joined Club Mahendra White Membership for 25 years on September 08, 2013 at your K-Star Mall Chembur office.

    This is to request you to cancel my Club Membership and refund my money paid. As per your 10 days cooling period, pl refund my full amount.

    A line of confirmation will be appreciated.

    Swapan Garain
    Cell: 9869031929

  56. We would tell people not to take the membership of CLUB MAHINDRA at all as they are cheats. They will charge you heavily and their stock answer when ever you ask for booking any where is - NOT AVAILABLE. They will further tell you that book three months in advance and when you do that, they will tell you the resorts are full or the resort is available for PURPLE SEASON. When the resorts are for PURPLE Season only why make idiot out of others who have taken the member ship for other seasons.
    They will put conditions for transferring the holidays to RCI. They will not give you booking and will not transfer the days for which you have paid annual charges to them to RCI.

    They reserve the rooms Commercial Sale. If you approach them as an outsider and are willing to pay market rate like in a Hotel, they will give you the room but if you ask as a member, they will say - The resort is full.

    We are planning to take them to Consumer Court and ask for refund of the money we have paid when we took the membership. THEY ARE BIG CHEATS. Never take their membership.

  57. Look at the Annual Subscription Fee (ASF) across the years.
    2011 - Studio - 9,681
    2012 - Studio - 10,228
    2013 - Studio - 11,600
    What is the explanation: The increase in ASF for the year 2013 - 2014 is 8.11% based on the average Urban CPI published by Reserve Bank of India.
    If this goes on increasing by 1,000 or more per year. In 25th year you have to pay ASF of Rs. 35,000 or even more. Do the math. People are openly being fooled here. Does that makes any sense to go for Club Mahindra membership ????

  58. I am tanuja membership id 2287814 and a fool among the all fools who got trapped by club Mahindra from last 2 yrs. all though i havn't take any holidays from them but my journey with them is extremly unpleasent. I called several times to the regional manager to book my yearly holidays by but they even bother to took my calls and every time says that this resort is not available that one overbooked etc. now when said them that I just want to get my hard core money back they said we are afraid if you hardly get any penny as ur membership is two years old. This is enough for being cheated by Mahindra. How the company like Mahindra is cheating people in this way and people continue to be. Need a solution. Or let’s make a petition together.

  59. Don't WASTE your money on CM

    Hi, I think Club Mahindra trained their Sales team in manner that they should report the office with100 cheques otherwise they will not get their salary.

    As I was going through the comment and review, I totally agreed about their rude behavior, un professional behavior even I found them humiliating the client if you call them for presentation and not buy the products.

    Few Names I dealt with was Mr. Khan, Mr. Sunil Tiwari. They even comment to a extent of your inability to purchase their product. The Comment I got was " You can not afford our product then why you called me ?"

    I am very much sure, the whole management of CM is involved in this.

    Just beware and don't called their Sales man for presentation.

  60. Dear all,
    I am a purple 1-BR club mahindra member for the past 5 years now. Initially, I was taken aback when I didn't get the reservations on the dates I had requested as they responded by saying that no rooms were available. I felt angry and frustrated. Then I gave it some thought and realized that as bookings open 6 months in advance, I can block my dates in advance and cancel at last minute (upto 15 days advance) without any penalty.
    I followed this formula and block 2 slots every year the day the bookings open for the said dates. And since that day, I have never ever faced any date problems and enjoyed holidays with my family in peak seasons.
    My only regret is that 5 years ago, I didn't know that second hand memberships were available. In fact 6-7 of my friends have benifitted from my experience and bought second hand memberships at cheap rates. They too are very satisfied and can't thank me enough.
    But I guess, if everyone will be satisfied, then how will memberships be available in resale. So be it...

  61. Dear Sir,

    I, Vikrant Bajaria and my wife Vaishali Ashar Bajaria applied for club mahindra membership through your sales executive
    Mr. Tauheed Alam (7108), on 1st February 2014.
    We have paid the initial deposit of Rs.26,200, partly by credit card -Rs.10,000 and part paymnet by cheque (cheque No - 089813
    of Central Bank of India).

    Due to personal reasons , we would like to withdraw the application of membership and requesting you to refund the full amount
    as per point 8.1 of Part C of MHRIL Membership Rules.

    We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused to your team and for sparing your valuable time for us.

    Requesting you to kindly refund the full amount of Rs.26200 at the earliest.


    +91 9820162193

    1. hello vikrant ....I have also paid 11000 initial yesterday as a down payment. So did you got your money refunded ?. Please reply soon....Also Please tell me the procedure........

  62. This scheme is a much bigger fraud, I realized that you landup in paying money to ClubMahindra , without availing a single penny. Seriously considering suing ClubMahindra and create a big campaign to make sure others don't get trapped in to their scheme.

    Akhilesh Laghate 9967537955

    1. Victim of Club Mahindra loot?
      join us:

      FB page Club mahindra Chor Hai


  63. Guys ! Just got a call from Club Mahendra stating that I got free 2 days/3 nights holiday package as a compliment for their 17 yrs celebration.
    and they want me to attend their show for 45 mins to get this free voucher.

    Advice me, is it trap call ?? :)

    1. Its a trap...
      if you do not take any plans, they will stop giving you any importance and also may abuse you.
      Those 2 days/ 3 nights coupon is useless. works only in limited resorts on limited dates. You'll always get the response our hotels are booked on these dates and plan 6 months in advance. Validity of coupon is 6 months.

  64. CHEATING BY Club Mahindra Holidays

    offered 4 ticket of movie and 2 night stay but instead of giving ticket they had provided voucher of "Cine Rewardz" and after completing all procedure of "Cine Rewardz" including registration + key word etc. Cine Rewardzhad sent email that they will send movie ticket but till today we have not received any ticket. Also telephone no. of Cine Rewardz are not responding.
    This is total cheating with public by club Mahindra+ Cine Rewardz

  65. A Club Mahindra salesperson met me at a petrol pump and made me fill a form saying it is a LUCKY DRAW form.. I put my mobile number, etc details in that form.

    Now I am getting constant calls from them offering me their lifetime membership for a very heavy amount.

    I was impressed by their promises and was about to buy the membership.. And I thought lets do some research about this. I am shocked to read the comments here.

    Thank God I decided to research before buying the membership. And thank you guys for posting your experiences.

  66. I was also planning to join the club Mahindra membership, but after reading all these complaints I have dropped my plans.
    Will cancel the planned meeting that was organised for 2moro.
    Thank you guys :)
    in meanwhile let me do my bit..

    check this

    very well explained in above blog...Kudos praveen

    1. victim of Club Mahindra loot???
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      (Club Mahindra Chor Hai)

  67. This Blog changed opinion of my friend who was almost trapped in Club mahindra. The Calculation you have mention is quite rite. But apart from the calculation my biggest concern why would one want to stay only in CM properties at all . There are new properties coming all the time . if one want to repeat a destination whats the point in sticking to a same group which has properties mostly in faraway location. The cost which you all have calculated , yo can get properties of premium Group like Taj , so why stay in Cm . People go to holidays for peace of mind, so why to invest in a place where you will have to constantly worry about availability. not everybody can plan months in advance. so whats the point , its better to be a free Bird even if it mean that u have to spend a liitle more. So Save yourself from the Trap.

  68. Hello All

    I bought a Club Mahindra Membership on 31-May-2014. After 2 days I realised (Yes 2 days.. :-) ) that it would not be possible for me to pay that much amount just for Holidays. I checked there cancellation policy and its clearly written that if you cancel the membership within 10 days, member will get FULL refund. So I sent a mail on saying that I want to withdraw my membership with some details like MAF number (Printed on the customer copy), Payment details, date and branch and city.

    I received a auto generated mail with a reference number saying that they will contact me within 48 hours; however I haven't receive any call. I called the help desk and they told me that the request is forwarded to local office. He suggested me to contact the local office. So I called the local office and answer given to me was "The concerned person is busy, I will ask her to contact you". Still I haven't received the call, but after 7 days I got a call from the local office. She asked me the reason for the withdrawal and some personal details for confirmation. Next day I got a call from the same lady saying that my cancellation request has been approved and the money will be deposited to my account within 45 days. I haven't received the money yet as 30 more days are remaining :-(, but I have a mail from the member relation team that the membership is cancelled and money will be deposited.

    I would suggest to everyone, if you are purchasing a Club Mahindra membership think twice as you have to invest big money and return of the same will be the holidays not hard cash. I will still say that the deal is good if you have lot of money. To those who have purchased a membership and wants to withdraw the membership, do it before 10 days (you will get FULL refund). If it is more than 10 days, you still can withdraw the membership but the refund money in this case will be 40% of the amount paid (depending on the vacations taken by you).

    1. victim od club mahindra fraud ?

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  69. 3 Questions you should ask them before considering

  70. Club Mahindra is a Great Fraud

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